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The Biff Method

Chris Phillips, a.k.a. Biff, has been teaching guitar — and other musical instruments like bass, drums and piano – for decades. Chris relocated from Los Angeles to Aspen in 1988, and began teaching what he termed “The Biff Method” – a shortcut to expert guitar playing. Within weeks of studying The Biff Method, Chris’s students were rippin’ the Blues and becoming proficient soloists.

The Biff Method is learning how to play horizontally on the guitar neck. It involves learning bass note locations up and down the neck, then placing chords over them that are easy to move.

You learn the minor pentatonic scale and its friend, the minor Blues scale – but with a horizontal orientation. Then you learn the notes to wiggle and bend. With a little research, development and practice on your part, boom! The Blues is your paintbrush. And once you know how to play the Blues, you’ll know how to play the entire American classic rock catalog.

Chris teaches Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, and Celtic guitar, along with other instruments like piano, bass and drums. He is committed to fostering an ongoing interest in music, and has placed many of his best students in performance-ready ensembles with great success.

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From the Biff Method to the Battle of the Bands ...

Chris has taught several generations of kids how to shred on the guitar. Some of his first students are now in their forties! Recent student success stories include middle school rock band The Brink and elementary school rock band The Booyah Brothers. Whether they’re six or 60, Chris’s students have one thing in common: Their lives are enriched by playing this incredible instrument.


The success of his students prompted Chris to found the Basalt Battle of the Bands in 1999 with local musician Dan Sadowski. Both a concert and a contest, this annual event showcased the talents of middle school and high school bands from Glenwood Springs to Aspen. The young contestants competed for trophies and bragging rights, as well as free musical gear for their schools. Chris and Dan ran the Battle for 10 years before handing it over to Jazz Aspen Snowmass in 2009.

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